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Coffee Lovers Unite

Barista: “Would you like a tall, grande, or venti?” Cory: “Make that a grande, americano with cream and 3 raw sugars.” That is the way Cory likes his coffee. Of course he likes coffee almost anyway, yet at the same time he’s very particular; as he ought to be. Coffee plays a very important part […]

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Hi, My name is Jackie and I am a Pinterest Addict. Whew, ok I have said it and confessed it. So, I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. I have played house invariably 20 different ways. I have a wardrobe that is absolutely amazing. You can go ahead and vote me as the “best dressed.” Thankyouverymuch!  Oh, did […]

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Sweet Stansfields

So let me start by saying we don’t normally do family photoshoots. We actually only shoot weddings and engagements. However, we felt really compelled to make an exception. Here is a little background. We met Brian and Mindy Stansfield a couple years ago through our church. They were a family of 3 at the time […]

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Sweet Romance: Drew + Claire

I love the way Drew looks at Claire. It is truly endearing and sweet.  Claire is genuine and sweet and absolutely beautiful. You know the type of girl everyone wants to be friends with.  So needless to say Cory & I have loved getting to know these two.  Their wedding was beautiful, not just aesthetically. […]

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PASS tour: Indianapolis

Wow….it’s not the greatest idea to be out past midnight when you know you have to be up at 6 am the next morning. I feel like a old person saying that. I used to be good to go with just 5 hours. Times change. I am way to fond of my sleep these days. […]

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